Department of Children’s Library

On the 4th level of the Southern-Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Centre lies the LibraRealm Children’s Library. It provides full library service and cultural background for different free-time activites on more than 255 m2.

Its symbol is the circle, circulation. This reoccuring architectural motive in the building reflects the spirit of the institution. From the playful activities organised for the youngest readers, through getting primary school students used to books and realising the joy of reading to the lifelong learning process of adults may result in an intellectual circulation with the persistent work of the librarians.

Nearly 30 thousand books for children, journals for their parents and 12 computers can be used for entertainment and to acquire useful knowledge.

Children aged 0 to 3 and their parents can hear and learn rhymes, games and songs on regularly organised occasions. Different musical instruments cannot be missing from these programs, further parents, grandparents have the chance to ask about parenting issues from the invited experts.

Having a close cooperation with kindergartens is another option to educate children on library usage. There are functional spaces – more than 80 m2 – where kindergarten groups can take part in drawing, puppet and handcraft activities in the pleasent atmosphere of the LibraRealm.

Primary school students can master the knowledge of library usage with the help of logically built thematics so they will be able to navigate between the library’s shelves. The division of the library holdings adapt to the different age groups and at the same time it tries to facilitate the transition to libraries for adults.

In every month visitors can choose from newer and newer programs. You can get more information about these events from the homepage of the children’s library. You can come alone, in group, with friends or with your family.

At times of celebrations and anniversaries the readers are always waited with family programs. To have a good time you can take part in handcraft activities, play games together, completet quizes, read book reviews and at the Internet Bay you can get advice on safe surfing on the internet. Occasionally we organise events where children can meet some of their favoured personells.

The LibraRealm’s unique part is the roofgarden, which at the times of events turns into a playground.

Our goal is to form the LibraRealm to be a place what children can feel to be their own and parents can feel that it is a place where their children’s knowledge broadens, where they are safe and where it is always good to return.

V.4/a How can you become a reader?

Hello, and greetings to all visitors,

I’m Libry, the resident of the Libry. I have a really good time when I’m not only surrounded with books but with children as well. That’s why I would like you to be the member of our library.

If you are not 16 yet then at the first visit your parents have to fill in a form declaring that they take financial responsibilty for returning the borrowed books intact and in time. If you are already 16, but not 18, it is enough to take this form, signed and filled in by your parents, with yourself.

Membership is free until the age of 16. Your library card, what you get, is fantastic: it is plastic and there is a chip with radio frequency in it, like in the sci-fi movies. One time you can take home 10 books for a month, but you can renew the loan period two times by phone, online or by email.

The Knowledge Centre and on the fourth level the LibraRealsm is there for you to have a good time. We are waiting for you, come alone, with your family, a classmate or a friend.

V.4/c What Awaits you at the LibraRealm?

Lots of good experience!

I’m Libry and a bookdevourer. No, not literally, I don’t eat books, but I take care of them because there are so many nice pictures, much knowledge and excitement in them.

Here in the LibraRealm you can choose from nearly 17 thousand books: toy-books, poetry books, story-books, and all kinds of children and youth books. You can find amazing educational books on the shelves, you can thumb journals and you can also surf on the internet.

In every month exciting and pithy programs are awaiting you, organised by the librarians from whom you can always ask advice, information if you cannot find anything. If you like handcrafting this is a place for you.

If you come here with your class or with a group you can take many pictures, books into your hands, and you can search on websites connected to the topic. Your knowledge will be broadened and it will be seen on your school results.

On Saturdays visitors are waited with family programs, but you will not be bored on other days of the week either.

V.4/d Our programs

Regular programs:

  • Library Lessons: Step by step lessons about the use of the library held by librarians for 1-8th grade students 2-4 times a year.

​V.4/D/a Competitions, Quizes

On this web page you can read about actual competitions and quizes. Here you can download the worksheets for the quizes and you can get to know the rankings and results of the competitions.


Krisztina Dezső Manager
Ágnes Balázs Children’s librarian
Patrícia Jancsik Children’s librarian
Csilla Lukács-Gűth Children’s librarian